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To regain Egypt’s position as a global center for excellence
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We are mission-based nonprofit

Egypt Scholars is a nonprofit -501(c)(3) – organization registered in California, USA

Our Story

Our Principles


Egypt Scholars is an independent, non-profit organization founded on the principle of volunteerism.


Egypt Scholars members serve as experts and knowledge resources in research and industry regardless of their political, religious or intellectual views/affiliations.


Egypt Scholars welcomes collaboration with any party, or organization that shares some or all of its goals in a manner that is consistent with the organization’s independence, principles and overarching objectives.


The relationship between all members of Egypt Scholars is regulated based on the rules of professional conduct, the values of voluntary collective action, and the ethics of interpersonal communication.

Our Dream

Egypt Scholars started off in 2012 as a small group of graduate students and professionals living in different parts of the world yet all sharing the same dream; the dream that Egypt would one day regain its position as a beacon of knowledge, science and discovery. Out of this dream emerged the early beginnings of the organization as an online learning hub bringing together students, scholars, and professionals from all walks of life.

Our Team

Our team includes volunteers with expertise in various fields ranging from scientific research and entrepreneurship to law, humanities and the social sciences. Arising from our strong belief in the infinite benefits of volunteerism, our members collaborate on a voluntary basis to facilitate the exchange of scientific and professional knowledge, skills and expertise both within Egypt and internationally.

Our Name

Our Slogan

Every mind makes a difference!  This is what we believe in. We are working to build an ecosystem where every individual is learning and educating, contributing and benefiting, volunteering and supporting, sharing perspectives and exchanging ideas, all with the purpose of actualizing scientific advancement and a comprehensive developmental renaissance centered in Egypt and enriching the world.

The Vision

Regain Egypt’s position as a global center for excellence.

The Mission

Achieve quantitative and qualitative advancement in the domains of scientific research, industry and entrepreneurship.

This will ultimately impact all fields and result in comprehensive growth and progress, nationally and globally. Accomplishment of this mission entails several steps, starting from Equipping our human resources with necessary knowledge and skills, catalyze entrepreneurial initiatives, and encourage innovative industrial and commercial solutions to existing challenges. And ultimately providing an enriching and effective work environment and create communication platforms that connect individuals with diverse interests.

Our Core Values








Board Members – 2017

Khaled Alashmouny

Khaled Alashmouny

Ahmed Naga

Ahmed Naga

Ihab Ismail

Ihab Ismail

Ahmed Mady

Ahmed Mady

Islam Hussein

Islam Hussein

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