MOMKEN - ممكن

Momken Program – برنامج ممكن

The Challenge

The blind people – and generally people with disabilities – in the Arab world suffer from isolation and lack of cost-effective solutions that satisfy their needs, empower them to be effective in the society, and enable them to have equal opportunities in education and job market.

The Solution

An R&D program where researchers, engineers, and students work hard to provide people with disability the needed tools and support for engaging them in the community and making their voice heard. The team facilitates the communication and develop products and techniques which would help the disabled become active and contributing part of the society and the scientific research community without distinction.


المكفوفون –  ومتحدو الإعاقة عموما – في العالم العربي يعاني جزء كبير منهم من العزلة وعدم وجود حلول فعالة تلبي احتياجاتهم، وتمكنهم من أن يكونوا فعالين في المجتمع، ناهيك عن تمكينهم من الحصول على فرص متساوية في التعليم وفرص في سوق العمل.


برنامج تطويري يعمل فيه الباحثون والمهندسون والطلاب لتوفير الأدوات والدعم اللازم لإشراك متحدي الإعاقة في المجتمع، وجعل صوتهم مسموعا. فريق عمل متكامل ييسر التواصل وتطوير المنتجات والتقنيات التي من شأنها أن تساعد على الاندماج والمساهمة في المجتمع دون تمييز.


White Cane Project


Arabic Braille Project

Companies supported

Projects mentored



  • Building bridges of knowledge between researchers and engineers.
  • Invest in the research and development of assistive tools for the blind and visually impaired.
  • Promote the culture of engineering for the blind among university students, companies and nonprofit organizations.


  • Providing technology-based solutions to help the blind and visually impaired in the Arab countries.
  • Study the needs of people with visual disabilities and motivate and help engineers to come up with effective and efficient solutions that can be manufactured.
  • Creating a database of all organizations and companies that provide services for people with visual disabilities and work in the Arab countries.
  • Mentoring students who are working in the field of assistive technology.
  • Forming a team of researchers, engineers, a group of blind and visually impaired, university students, donors and companies to research and develop assistive tools.


  • Projects Under Implementation: here
  • Momken Supporting Companies and Graduation Projects: here

For engineers those interested in doing something for the blinds

  • Required Projects: here
  • Important Links: here
  • Arabic Braille Font: here
  • Money Tracker: here
  • Braille Translation: here

White Cane Project - مشروع العصا البيضاء

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