White Cane:

It’s an important and compensatory way for the blind, where reliable for his movement. Its purpose to prevent objects collision during movement by controlling it towards and sides. Also, it can be a tool to get people’s attention in order to be careful that the cane holder is blind and for drivers also to avoid collision with the blind.

White cane usually made of lightweight metal or plastic and consists of some junctions for easy fold up when not needed. Despite the simplicity of the white cane manufacturing, but it is not manufactured in Egypt or in any of the Arab countries.
Sighted members of “Momken” team never imagined that such a simple tool isn’t available for the Blind in Egypt, while in America, organizations deliver it home to the blind for free. After communicating with organizations in America we knew that it’s manufactured in the Philippines, but they could not give us the design to be manufactured directly in Egypt, so we have missed the stick design and there are different types and designs.

We have communicated with Dr. Osama Yousuf, Assistant Professor of Industrial Design department at Helwan University. The second year students of Industrial Design department was directed to design it through a competition organized by “Momken” team with the department. Mr. Wael Zakaria -Co-Founder of Momken Group- did a workshop for students where their ideas have been discussed, amended and has showed of white canes he has. GOD willing, the first part of the project will be finished by the end of the current semester. After tacking the decision about the best design and testing it, “Momken” team will follow up with the college to manufacture, implement and release it in the markets and solve this problem for the blind, GOD willing.

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Smart Box:

After several discussions, “Momken” team have realized the large number of needed tools to help the blind and its expensive cost. For example, the blind need a device to recognize the colors, another one to measure the temperature and the third one to identify money and so on. Can we collect all of these devices or a Part of in a single one which can be held in a pocket and to be cheap? “Smart Box” project is the “Momken” team attempt to answer this question. “Smart Box” is a small computer that is connected to a number of devices to measure the temperature and recognize the colors. “Momken” team working on finding sponsors for the project to be a real device which can be manufactured and sold with low cost in Egypt.

Arabic Text Reader:

“Momken” team works on developing the “Arabic Text Reader” program for the blind and to make it for free and open source which make it easier to develop for Arab programmers. It’s interesting that the other languages talking programs, such as English are available for free while the Arabic blind can’t get the same service in Arabic only in the case of buying some programmable components, which cause for increasing the cost.

“Braille Cells” Project:

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Braille renewable screen is an electronic mechanical device contains Braille cells that can reduce or raise its points to display data on computer monitors, hard drivers, USb flashes or any other storage media. This means that Braille renewable screen displays Braille writing without needing papers and/or plastic panels. Thus, it can be a benefit for the blind from digital information advantages, such as creating, editing, publishing, storage, and multiple-use, etc…

Braille renewable screens are still so expensive where the price ranges from 3,500 $ to 15,000 $ depending on the numbers of displaying characters. Our project goal is to manufacture a symbol for high quality and cheep Braille cell.


We have finished compiling the first database for charities and companies concerning the blind and we will post it on the website soon GOD willing.

Cooperate with us in order to get information about organizations and associations which serving the blind and visually impaired, click here.

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