Talking Calculator:

  • Reading large numbers digit by digit or the whole number.
  • Can be used for educational and/or professional purposes such as: accounting, etc…

A Device for Books and Printed Documents Reading:

  • Reading printed texts such as books, medication information and bills.
  • This device uses optical character recognition (OCR) technology to convert scanned documents to editable text.
  • Text is read by a test to speech (TTS) engine.

Stickers Reading Device:

  • To identify packages, papers, ID cards etc.
  • The device is based on a simple idea. A special marker that can be identified by the device is attached to the package that we want to identify later and a short audio message is recorded on the device memory for example “insects killer spray” or “2012 Summer Concert” and so on.  Whenever the device touches a marked package, it identifies its label and read its corresponding audio message.

Talking Tape Measure:

  • A normal tape measure but with the addition of an audio circuit that announces the measured value.
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